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Fics to rec before I sleep...

(Well, at least it scans like Frost...)

Two quick R/S Harry Potter recs, just to make my day remotely productive.

Title: The Arrangement
Author: Moony, aka maybethemoon.
Rating: R
Summary: Sirius isn't gay. Neither is Remus. They just happen to be sleeping together a lot.

Why You Should Read This: This has shown up on pretty much all of my regular HP recs sites--unfitforsociety, potter_recs (I think), etc., and with good reason. It features a Sirius so deep in denial that he is certain to be renamed Cleopatra upon surfacing. (Plus, I'm always a big fan of "gay? no, no not me. i just like to fuck boys" stories.) My only quibble is that it does seem to move a bit too fast...

Title: The Past Is Mine
Author: cenori
Rating: PG
Summary: In his worst days, Harry seeks solace in an old photo album. However, a picture of Sirius brings questions to his mind. Questions only one man can answer. Post OotP, pre-HBP. All the necessary spoilers.

Why You Should Read This: This one I got from potter_recs, and I'm extremely grateful to siryn99 for reccing it. A grieving Harry turns to Remus for some answers about the photo album Hagrid gave him in his first year. Remus answers more questions than Harry realized he had. It's sweet and heartbreaking and I so, so want for Harry and Remus to have this. They need it and each other and I so hope JKR lets them bond a bit more in the wake of their shared tragedy.

I have a few more, most of which I found over at unfitforsociety, but I really have to go to sleep now. Ta!
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