feasting on takeout and souls (bear) wrote in recsjudicata,
feasting on takeout and souls

This is ... wow.

The Beginning of the First Offensive Of The Fourth War Against You Know Who, by lalejandra.
(HP. Draco. Hermione. PG.)

Summary: Draco still claims that he doesn’t understand how Muggle appliances work, but Hermione knows that it’s just so he won’t have to make tea or supper or do anything for himself. He uses the lids of pots as hats when it rains and Merlin only knows where he’s left any of them, so she wraps tinfoil tightly over the top of one to make rice. She knows he’ll somehow manage to worm his way out of doing the washing up, even though she’d the one doing the cooking, so she lines a cooky tin with tinfoil and bakes the fish with lemons and a tin of tomatoes.

Read it because if you liked The X-Files at all, and especially if you liked XF post-col stuff, this story will be right up your alley. The merest passing familiarity with HP will suffice -- pretty much all I know about the universe is the general principles of how it works and the names of most of the main characters -- but the universe Lale creates here is so freaking real. I was so caught up, I forgot to breathe in a couple of places.

Actually, let me recommend lalejandra as an author you should be reading, period. It's almost exclusively a fic journal, and while I don't read in every fandom she writes in, the stuff she writes is visceral and gut-wrenching and always, always creative.
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