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feasting on takeout and souls

appropriating recs for appropriated texts

Both of these appeared on my radar after being rec'ced by thefourthvine, and I felt compelled to pass them on.

Deep Fanfic Thoughts, by Jack Handey - Valeria Fate
multi-fandom meta commentary

Even if you're not familiar with the SNL sketch that inspired these, it's hard not to love something that contains the sentences, If they had fanfic back in the Dark Ages, I bet the most common question readers would ask is, "Can't you put a catapult in this story?" No, I'm sorry. That would violate canon.

And for a 180-degree change in tone:
The Queen in Exile - LindaMarie.
Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy

This has haunted me ever since I read it, and I'm going to quote thefourthvine's rec in its entirety, because there's no way I can say it better:

"This is one of those I-can't-warn-you-but-I-need-to situations, so let me say that "The Queen in Exile" is absolutely brutal, and it is not for people who are taking psychoactive medications, seeing visions, or having a bad day. But it is so worth reading, and so totally, totally right. Before I encountered Narnia fan fiction, my feelings about Lucy were just vaguely uncomfortable, but some great authors have showed me the light. Or, in this case, the darkness. Because how hard did you search for Narnia when you were little, when you half believed that you only had to open the right door to find a world that was made for bookish little kids like you? So how much harder would you look if you were Lucy, if you'd been there, grown up there, loved there, lived your life there, and then lost it? No, that's not quite right. Had it taken away from you by someone you worshiped and served and never once let down."
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