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feasting on takeout and souls

Criminal Intent
Nombre and Foul - A.j. (aj)
CI, post-eps.

These vignettes are unrelated, but I'm rec'ing them together. I love Alex and Bobby partnership stories, and A.j.'s vignettes cut right to the heart of who they are and how they work. There's so much in so few words, and the effect is breathtaking.

The Natural - b_cavis
CI, Bobby/Alex

It's fluffy, schmoopy Bobby/Alex marriage fic, and b_cavis makes it WONDERFUL. I mean, really. Imagine Bobby interacting with his precocious child. See what I mean? Adorable, right? Especially when it's terribly well-written. Yeeah. Read it.

Baby-Sitters Club
Okay, so this series of recs consists mostly of me raiding the BSC ficathon page, but hey. BSC fic.

and i let her steer - marginalia and off the road - goovie
Post-series, Stacey/Charlotte

Stacey was never one of my favorite babysitters, but I think there was a lot more to her than we got to see in the series. Jaci and goovie go to two very different places with the same pairing, but both of them work fantastically well.

The Three Musketeers - zulu
R, post-series, Adam/Byron/Jordan
Summary: They've been a threesome all their lives.

Um. Yeah. Incest fic is a big, big, big, HUGE squick of mine. Somehow, this story manages to make it sweet and believable.

Flirting with Disaster - sk8eeyore
PG, post-series, Claudia/Jackie Rodowsky

Sweet and atmospheric and entirely plausible. I always suspected that Jackie grew up to be hott.
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