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feasting on takeout and souls

Two to Tango - piaffe417 (does she have an lj?)
L&O: CI, Goren & Eames, G

Obligala fic is my weakness; fortunately, this is an obligala story that stands on its own (entirely apart from the "oooh, shiny!") and has some interesting things to say about Bobby and Alex's partnership.

Incandescence - _ehakus_
L&O: CI, Goren & Eames, PG

Goren dances on the thin edge of "normal" on the best of days; _ehakus_ shows us what might happen if he fell. A great look into one of the more troubling aspect of Bobby's character.

The A-List - the_larch
RPS, Dom Monaghan/Colin Farrell, hard R.

This one of the best RPS fics I've read in quite a while. And since it's Colin Farrell, you think it's going to be a PWP, but then it turns into something more and it's utterly engrossing.

Things Worth Trying - casirafics
PotC, Jack/Will/Elizabeth, PG-13

This is a tricky pairing to pull off, and Casira nails it perfectly. Each of these three is perfectly in-character, and the scenario is so plausible you can imagine it happening onscreen. (Okay, maybe not. We are talking about Disney, after all.)

Mapmakers (Making Moony Laugh: the Suicide Is Painless Remix) - casirafics
HP, Fred Weasley & Marauders Map, PG-13

(I've been compiling this list for a couple of weeks now and didn't realize I'd rec'ced two of Casira's stories at once, but they both desperately deserve to be on here, so I don't care.) Very few fics have made me cry, but there were tears streaming down my face by the time I got to the end of this story. This is largely the map's story, but it also reminds us of just how much things have changed for Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs in the interim ... and the gravity of that loss. I've written and rewritten this rec in an attempt to do this story justice, and it can't be done -- just read it, and you'll understand.

The Bloody Stare of Mars - yahtzee63
HP, post-War, Hermione, Snape, R

Quite possibly the best HP fic I've ever read. The final battle of the war is two years past. Voldemort won. Harry and Ron are dead. Snape was such a successful spy that his cover was never blown, and he is treated as a hero of Voldemort's army. Hermione is left to cope in a world where survival means selling a little bit more of your soul every day. A positively breathtaking examination of the meaning of loyalty, compromise, and hope in a world where the good guys lost.
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