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ready the rhinos!

HP fic recs

Remembrances of Times Past by Crow.

Set during PoA. Ginny Weasley and Minerva McGonagall have a talk about a certain dark-haired Slytherin and his place in their lives. And no, it's not Snape. ;)

ETA: Okay, a few more. Because I can. And b/c I feel like reccing things that I wouldn't normally rec. And because it's summer and I want to rec summer fics.

Sundress, by Rhoddlet.

Ginny wants Hermione.

My main objection is that it's H/Hr, which is just wrong and weird, b/c Hermione SO does not want Harry, and also the author occasionally has Ginny think of Harry and Hermione as "Potter" and "Granger," but whatever. :) It's ... summer and girlcrushes and yellow sundresses and wanting things you shouldn't be able to have.

A Summer Thing, by Halrloprillalar.

Hermione/Fred/George. NC-17. But the twins are leaving the next day and she wasn't using her virginity for anything anyhow.

Stop running away! It's not that bad!

Hot Day, by Jane.

A summer-after-fourth-year written before OotP came out. Just a little ficlet about a hot summer day at the Burrow. I also recommend the sequel, "Torch."

The Virtue of Decision by Penknife.

Hermione in the summer, thinking about her life. Features an appearance by Draco Malfoy.
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