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Welcome to the Recs Judicata lj site, a multi-fandom fanfic recommendation and archive site run by the authors of The Ham Sandwich.

Recs Judicata started out as a regular website (see website, above) featuring monthly updates of Law & Order fanfic put together by Kyllikki (bear), jael (snarkhunter) and Cirocco (ciroccoj). It remained in this format from February 2003-March 2004, when the members all suddenly got whacked upside the head by life in major ways, and were unable to keep up their monthly updating habits.

Because real life obligations and changing fandom interests continue to make their presence felt in our lives, Recs Judicata (the website) will no longer attempt to keep to a monthly L&O update schedule, although we have no plans to abandon the rec'cing process altogether. Instead we're going to put fanfic recs on this site as they occur to us, and they will not be limited to flavours of Law & Order.

Since this is an extension of Recs Judicata, the membership is limited to bear, snarkhunter, and ciroccoj, but friends are welcome any time ;) If you'd like to get updates from this community, please feel free to friend us.

If you're interested in having your work considered for Recs Judicata, please read our FAQ at http://hamsandwich.topcities.com/recsjudicata/faq.htm. Any further questions can be directed to kyllikki8 @ hotmail.com, ciroccoj2002 @ yahoo.com, or judges_421 @ yahoo.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

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